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New Case Study: Apex Hotels

Posted by: Ellen Grant Posted date: 10/05/2016

​Core's professional expertise and skills helped Apex Hotels to transform their use of Microsoft SharePoint into a content management and collaborartion platform

Apex Hotels is a family-run business with nine luxiourious hotels across the the UK. As they have 100 head office support functions and 930 employees working in different areas communication was key within the organisation.

By moving onto Microsoft SharePoint the company could see significant benefits. Now, the hotel chain has tremendously improved its internal communications and teamwork which in turn has proven the organisation to be more efficient. This has helped Apex Hotels to preserve and strengthen the high standards of customer service for which the group is renowned and continue to build its repuation for excellence.

Contact us to find out how we can help you develop your SharePoint or to read the full case study see Apex Hotel's case study.




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