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Microsoft launch StaffHub

Posted by: Ellen Grant Posted date: 13/01/2017


Microsoft have unveiled the newest addition to its Office 365 Suites with the debut of an application for shift workers and management, called StaffHub.

The app is designed for those who do not work at desktop computers and have different work schedules for e.g. in retail, hospitality, restaurants and other industries.

Office 365 General Manager, Bryan Goode explains

"There's half a billion frontline staff workers in the world. Most companies, though, haven't actually provided digital tools for these folks…but companies are starting to recognize the benefits of moving some of these offline processes and taking them online."

Managers who have access to desktop or laptop computers can use the web version of StaffHub to create schedules on the app but employees will likely use StaffHub on their mobiles. Managers can also take advantage of the variety of different features such as differentiating the types of shifts by colour coding them as well as being able to add notes.

There are lots of benefits to using StaffHub on a mobile such as being able to chat one-on-one and hosting group chats. Another benefit is that it can be used for sharing internal resources for e.g. an employee handbook hosted on SharePoint, a file uploaded from a computer or a file stored on another cloud service.

Read more about StaffHub here or contact us for more information.