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Microsoft announces Surface updates at Windows 10 Event

Posted by: Ellen Grant Posted date: 31/10/2016

Microsoft held a Windows 10 and Surface event last week in New York. Below are some of the key announcements:

Microsoft have launched a new range of hardware including the Surface Studio, Surface Dial and Surface Book i7.

Microsoft have also unveiled a major Windows 10 upgrade called the "Creators Update". Highlights include the addition of new 3D creation tools, live-streaming and custom tournaments for the Xbox app. Read more about the features below:


New range of Surface’s

Microsoft announced the latest addition of its Surface hardware line up, the Surface Studio, a touchscreen all-in-one desktop computer. They have also released The Surface Dial which is a new input device for Microsofts latest Surface product, it provides a haptic feedback and users can twist it to select items from an on-screen menu, for e.g. a colour picker. Microsoft have also upgraded last years Surface Book model to include Intels i7 processor and a bigger battery life.

3D Paint

Microsoft have relaunched its Paint app with a focus on 3D. The new app will let users make almost anything an interactive object.  

Windows VR headsets

Microsoft have announced they will be releasing virtual reality headsets for Windows 10 and will run the same Windows Holographic platform as the HoloLens.

HP, Dell, Lenovo, Asus and Acer will all be making headsets.

Windows People

Users can now drag their "key people" be it friends or family into the task bar where they can communicate directly with these people. Another feature added by Microsoft is called "taps", that lets people send each other stickers of 3D objects.


Find out more here.


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