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Government Digital Transformation Plan

Posted by: Joyce Harmon Posted date: 22/07/2015

​​​​​​​​Government Digital Transformation Plan

The Government is to produce a Digital Transformation Plan focusing on the support and adoption of digital technologies at the heart of the UK’s economic future to improve productivity in the UK.

The Government has committed to releasing the report in the autumn to set out concrete actions they will take to support adoption, including tackling barrier to new business and creating new markets. At the heart of this will remain the focus on ICT transformation and delivering the most efficient cost effective use of technology in local and central Government.​

Chancellor George Osborne said: “The only way to sustainably raise the living standards of the citizens of our nation is to confront the challenge of our lifetime, to raise productivity. This will not be achieved overnight and will require a truly national effort by government, business and working people. But with this blueprint to fix the foundations of our economy, I believe we have taken the vital first step towards securing the prosperity and a livelihoods of generations to come.”


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