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CRM in the Cloud - what you need to know

Posted by: Cheryl Pearce Posted date: 01/05/2015

Why CRM Online?

There are obvious benefits of having a single platform that provides a suite of marketing, sales and customer service tools your whole organisation can use to collaborate and reach their objectives. But why choose CRM Online, Microsoft's cloud offering, over the on-premise version?

Top 5 reasons to consider CRM in the cloud

  1. Cloud customers get the latest updates first - there are two releases per year for CRM Online (whereas on-premise customers gain the functionality from the Spring release in the Autumn of the same year).
  2. Flexibility - CRM customers can migrate to on-premises deployment at any time, should they wish.
  3. Elasticity - storage can be purchased as and when needed.
  4. Cost savings - your data is securely stored on Microsoft's (or your CRM partner's) servers, so you don't need to have costly and complicated infrastructure managed in-house.
  5. Accessibility - users can access CRM online or offline and on the go via the browser client or apps, which are optimised for mobile/tablet use.

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