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Core's Windows 10 Managed Service offering

Posted by: Joyce Harmon Posted date: 06/10/2016

Fast, secure, complete remote device build


Core have developed a service for our clients and partners that will allow us to build and service your Windows 10 device remotely ‘over-the-air’.  We have developed our own tooling that sits alongside Microsoft Azure and Windows Intune to provide you a secure, verified and penetration tested build to your device. 


Part of our service includes a self-service software portal with authorisation workflow, license harvesting and asset management service as well as regular SCAP and OVAL scanning of the device for the latest vulnerabilities.  We re-certify/penetration test our base build every quarter so you can be sure your device is up to date with the latest patching and fixes.  We have added ​advanced protection to each device so we can take care of zero-day threats, Web content filtering and anti-virus definitions.  Additional app based VPN software can be deployed if required. ​


Core manage a 10GB Express Route connection as well so devices that require direct secure connectivity can VPN into our hub and then straight into the Microsoft cloud, across a dedicated secure connection.


To find out more information please contact us ​​​​



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