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Core first to market with cost effective Migration as a service offering

Posted by: Joyce Harmon Posted date: 25/01/2016

Core first to market in EMEA with cost effective Migration as a service offering, powered by Dell Migration Manager for Exchange

Dell's UK Premier Partner Core first to Market in EMEA with cost effective Migration as a service offering powered by Dell Migration Manager for Exchange.

 Using High power Dell Hardware pre-configured with Dell Migration Manager for Exchange, Core are able to offer a fast, cost effective Migration service to compete with other Migration Vendors.  With the full functionality of Dell Migration Manager for Exchange powering the solution including Co-Existence and Public Folder Migration, Core are able to offer a Pay as you migrate Zero Impact solution to their customers.  Core's technical team are Dell certified and have moved over 500,000 seats across multiple on premise systems and over 150,000 seats to Office 365 which is their largest growing business with Dell Migration Manager.

 Lloyd Carnie (Cores Technical Cloud Services Director) commented:  "In all the years that we have run native Hybrid migrations to the cloud we have had nothing but problems.  Implementing a Hybrid invariably involves an organisational upgrade (or multi farm upgrade) of Exchange to the relevant Service Pack and patch level.  This adds time and risk to the migration and poorly managed Exchange systems need a huge amount of cajoling to add a hybrid for very little extra functionality.  Mostly the whole exercise is undertaken because of Free/Busy availability between the two systems.   

 We also find that the Hybrid Configuration Wizard (HCW) from Microsoft gets a magical refresh every few weeks and so we never know what is going to be fixed or broken between one customer to the next.   

 Dell Migration Manager gives us two way Calendar synchronisation across multi organisations and we get to avoid the hassles of Exchange upgrade since DMME supports Exchange 2003 to Exchange 2016 OOTB.  We now deploy a fixed package with Agents, VPN client with start-up script and we are up and running to our multi-tenant installation of Migration Manager within 1-2 days.   Go live is so much quicker for us now and we can now comfortably leave our second level support team to monitor the agents over the night shift (Core managed Services 24/7 support service) reducing our technical delivery costs greatly.

 We now have pleasing customer reviews for our migration, support and aftercare service almost every time which never happened when we used the native delivery method.  All new proposals for 2016 go out with Dell Migration Manager as standard."