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Core release our latest Windows 10 video

Posted by: Laura Lopez Posted date: 09/01/2017

​​​ Core are delighted to have released our promotional video of our Windows10 offering. This new service will help your organisation to remotely provision and de-provision users, devices and licensing without needing to visit the office.

On this video, that has been recorded using different scenarios of the city of London, we show you whatever happens to your device, you can easily buy your new device and being up and running in no time. Apart from onboarding large number of users quickly and efficiently, our service also includes SCAP and OVAL scanning of the new device to look for the latest vulnerabilities.

We have developed our own tooling that sits alongside Microsoft Azure and Windows Intune to provide you a secure, verified and penetration tested build to your device. 

windows10 image.png

Contact us and find out more information about our Windows 10 offering here.  


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