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Core host UK's K2 Appit launch event

Posted by: Mike McDaid Posted date: 11/09/2015

On Wednesday 9th September Core and K2 hosted the UK launch event for K2 Appit. It was a great success with lots of engaging discussions and interesting sessions and demos.

Core have a long history of working with K2, and were pleased to have been selected as the partner to help launch K2 Appit in the UK. The launch event was the first of many activities Core and K2 Appit will be running together. Attendees got a glimpse in to the variety of ways in which Appit can be used, including HR leave requests and expenses.

If you missed out on this event then let us know, as we are already planning the next session. Send an email to Mike at for more information.


Collaborative Working       SharePoint; K2; Appit