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My favourite feature on Office 2016

Posted by: Jess Meats Posted date: 07/03/2016

New feature on Office 2016

I’ve recently upgraded to Office 2016 and one of my new favourite features is how attachments are handled in Outlook. When I’m composing a new email, I can click on the Attach File button and Outlook shows me a list of files I’ve been recently working on. Given how often I want to attach a file that I’ve just finished editing, this is a nice time saver.

 Microsoft Outlook.png 


Where it gets more interesting though is when files are coming from SharePoint. This list of recent files shows the file location – whether it’s on my C drive, or sitting in a OneDrive or SharePoint location. If I choose to attach a file from a SharePoint location, what it actually does is attaches the file as a link and grants the user edit permissions. This has the same effect as sharing the file from within a SharePoint library.

 SharePoint outlook.png


You can change this of course, if you want to attach the file as an old school attachment, or alter the default permission settings.


SharePoint outlook 2016.png

This new way of handling attachments saves times, and will mean that fewer people are sending as attachments files which really should be shared through SharePoint.