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Core's new Customer Success Manager

Posted by: Kathleen Greenan Posted date: 06/09/2016

I have recently joined Core as a Customer Success Manager. This is a new role for the company aimed at helping customers get as much value as possible. I thought it would be useful to write a blog on the ways I’ve started working with customers, and how I could potentially help you.

Commonly, customers have purchased licenses with different features that are not being utilised.

For example, what I have experienced is if a customer has bought Microsoft E3 license they have fully installed Office applications including Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote and Skype for Business. Many employees may only be using Word, Excel and PowerPoint. There are many reasons why this can happen; not enough training of new services; staff members may not be aware of the benefits or know how to use certain features. I want to help Core support organisations to ensure they are not in this position and give value by optimising the services that are purchased.

All our customers are on a journey to obtain value from our solutions, products and services. For customers to be successful in getting value from a service, the main aspect is they should be using it regularly. Value can mean looking at how customers are interacting with a service; some features might be useful but may be unexplored as it is unknown that they are available.

Measuring value is subjective as something that has value to one customer, might not have value to the other. My role is to work with customers to define and monitor success and value from the start of a project.

From the moment a customer engages with Core they have specific goals and success criteria they want to achieve. As a business develops a plan, the success criteria provides a method to measure progress. Having defined success criteria provides focus on a goal. These will obviously change as a business develops, it is important for me to monitor this to ensure the customer is getting the value they want and is successful.

Success for Core is every single employee in your company is using every feature of the service, consistently, and it’s up to me to help make this happen.