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PJ Valves

​​​​​​​​​​Syste​ms integration reduces cost and improve operational efficiency on a global scale

PJ Valves is a leading supplier of industrial valves to the On and Offshore Oil, Gas, Petrochemical and Power industries. The company has specialised in valve supply for nearly 40 years. Working on a global scale, PJ Valves needed to implement a new CRM system that would be able to manage its sales pipeline and international supply chains, whilst reducing costs and streamlining the sales process and integrating with existing Excel and SharePoint systems. 

In addition to the sales pipeline, PJ Valves also needed to track complex customer orders across the world. From updating large amounts of documentation to orders with hundreds of separate items, this took time to update and send to customers, was time consuming and was open to inaccuracies.  ​

Core worked with PJ Valves to implement an advanced customised Microsoft Dynamics CRM implementation that provided a high level integration with Microsoft Excel, SharePoint and Dynamics GP, providing them with a fully integrated sales management system. 

Following initial discussions with sales staff, it was agreed that Microsoft Excel should remain the main programme for managing documentation as it provided a familiar user interface in a complex order process.  Microsoft Dynamics CRM's tight integration with the Excel product made this easy.

Whilst we wanted Dynamics CRM we needed it to be relevant to our business processes.  Throughout the implementation Core made sure the focus was on what we needed.  The emphasis they place on the client when supplying CRM was what attracted us to them​.


Development of a central data repository to deliv​​er streamlined process management

To start the implementation process, Core worked with PJ Valves to modify the complex CRM sales module. Focusing on bespoke products and managing sales with multiple suppliers for clients, this allowed staff to track historical changes, create custom quotes and produce order documentation with Microsoft Office. Further customisation was undertaken to allow multi-currency transactions, to streamline standard tasks and to integrate a third party telephone system. 

The final segment of customisation came in the form of bespoke reporting based on data from both Dynamics CRM and Dynamics GP that improved the sales process, guaranteed the accuracy of information and reduced administration time.   

Dynamics GP allowed PJ Valves to synchronise supplier and customer data between two applications, providing the ability to create Dynamics GP inventory items based on Dynamics CRM data - most notably in the retrieval of exchange rate data and creation of orders through the now familiar Dynamics CRM interface.   

The final integration happened between Excel and Dynamics CRM to manage both contacts and documents, with the ability to export items from Dynamics to Excel. With a one click update, Dynamics CRM was also able to track changes. Version management was managed by Microsoft SharePoint.​

Following user training from Core's highly trained staff, the bespoke integrated solution has proved to be an instantly usable programme that has simplified the business process and one that all staff have adapted to in no time at all. This allows PJ Valves to ensure high levels of customer service are maintained and has resulted in the sales process running even more smoothly than before.    ​


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