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L.E.K. Consulting

​​​​​​L.E.K. replaced its global knowledge management system with a new bespoke SharePoint solution

L.E.K. Consulting is a global organisation supporting leading corporations in their chosen industries. In 2006 they adopted a bespoke knowledge management system however this was not coping with their growing demands. They chose an off the shelf product that could be customised and designed around an intuitive UI, robust security and fast, effective search.

Current knowledge management system could not cope with demand

The system implemented in 2006 was not able to cope with growing user demand. Most importantly its search function was not up to scratch and the decision was taken to look for a new product that could give L.E.K. true scalability, best-in-class search capabilities, strong security and the potential to add more functionality to the system.

The new system offers new improved tools and a nice environment to work with.  It is easier to find content and the built in RSS newsfeeds are vital when working on a time sensitive case for a client. The Q&A area has helped people to communicate and share knowledge quicker and easier 

Core built a bespoke knowledge management system that allowed offices all around the world to store, search and retrieve content rapidly to and from a centralised bank of servers. Using L.E.K’s own specific workflow to make opening cases, writing records and storing content as seamless as possible within the new system.

L.E.K. Consulting implemented Microsoft SharePoint, an off the shelf product that allowed for customisation and predictability to build its new knowledge management system on. With the addition of a bespoke advanced search capability, better search result presentation and an in-built report builder the new system enjoys high levels of engagement across the firm.

We had one developer assigned to us throughout the development process.  The combination of this continuity and regular meetings helped the project not just stay on track but develop as Core explained how new features could enable the system to do even more

Working with Core has enabled L.E.K. to explore the full functionality of SharePoint to develop a robust knowledge management system that has been a big hit with staff globally. Offering new tools and a nicer environment to work with. The system enjoys high levels of engagement and has proved to be extremely robust.  


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