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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Complete control and a much reduced cost base for EOECPH and its NHS clients

The East of England Collaborative Procurement Hub (EOECPH) is a highly mobile organisation, supporting NHS Trusts with a wide range of procurement services in a world were budgets are getting tighter.

Changes to the NHS structure in 2012 meant EOECPH needed to review existing IT systems

Their previous setup was costly to manage, with updates and management of bespoke software in the hands of their provider leaving EOECPH somewhat out of control. Large amounts of data was stored in a shared server hard drive and the system was cumbersome to manage.

With limited IT resources and no dedicated team to run and maintain their server infrastructure, they needed a solution where adding and managing users and security policies wasn't a headache.

We needed something that didn't involve much infrastructure, and enabled us to have the same experience wherever we're working

EOECPH can now provide cost efficient essential service to the NHS that helps them save money

Core transformed EOECPH’s IT infrastructure, saving them considerable amounts per year whilst enabling scalability, easy management, consistent user experience, and the ability to communicate and collaborate effectively, regardless of location. Data is securely backed up in the cloud and the organisation is covered in case of disaster. 

The solution is built on Microsoft Office 365, Windows Azure and Core’s Aurora ​Managed Service offering. This combines the ‘anywhere anytime’ email, communications and collaboration features of Office 365, with the benefits of Active Directory, single sign-on and roaming user profiles, without the need to invest in or manage the on-premises infrastructure normally required. Aurora's identity Management system allows consistent enforcement of corporate standards and security policies from an intuitive web interface.

They understood what we needed early on and came up with a solution that would work for us. During migration it was very easy to get support. It only takes a simple phone call, and someone gets back to ​us straight away.

Core set up a shared drive on an in-house server, which keeps in constant sync with a mirror set up in Windows Azure. If files are accidentally deleted from the in-house server, they can be rapidly replaced from the store on Windows Azure. Aurora makes the whole thing simple for EOECPH.

Windows Azure is highly scalable meaning EOECPH consumes as much or as little as it needs at any time. During migration Core was able to temporary deploy extra servers to work in parallel in the cloud to ensure the migration of large files didn’t slow down the process.

An easy to control system

Users can be moved rapidly into groups with a specific policy where needed. Managing log-in credentials doesn't pose any challenges, because usernames and passwords are synchronised between local systems and those in the cloud.

  • Heavy admin tasks achieved quickly
  • All data accessible whether in the building or at a customer site
  • Data is backed up securely in the cloud
  • EOECPH can now provide cost efficient essential service to the NHS that helps them save money


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