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CoreGov - Crown Commercial Services supplier

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Crown Commercial Services ​G-Cloud Suppli​​er

Core have been listed on the G-Cloud register since its conception is February 2012, We have built up a reputation as the go to technology solutions provider for central and local Government as well as the wider public sector. 

We offer a range of solutions to every Government Department from secure mobile working and collaborative working through to looking after the needs of your members with a responsive CRM system, we will be able to find the right mix of products to fit your budget and requirements while being RMAD approved guranteeing fully security.

G-Cloud is the Government framework which allows all public sector buyers to purchase ‘cloud’ services from an approved list of suppliers, many of them SME organisations.  Core are an active member of the digital marketplace offering a range of services that can be tailored to suit the individual needs of an organisation.  Buying from the G-Cloud offers public sector organisations the opportunity to buy services without running a full tender process as terms of use have already been agreed, saving both time and money.


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The benefits of G-Cloud ​​​for government

Since its conception in April 2012 more than £550 million has been spent through the framework, with over 40% of that being spent with the 87% of small and medium sized businesses, just like Core. There are 1453 unique suppliers on the G-Cloud offering 19,966 services to the public sector.  Central Government are the biggest spenders with the G-Cloud responsible for over 75% of the sales.  


G-Cloud offers public sector organisations access to Cloud services whilst reducing the risk by:

  • Pre approving organisations who can supply all public sector organisations.
  • Negates the need to run a full tender process.
  • Is open, honest and transparent with an easy to navigate digital catalogue of services.
  • Ideal for risk averse organisations with limited budgets and tight timeframes.

Working with leading departments across the public sector, we are able to use tried and tested methods to ensure your IT project goes to plan and meets the needs of the service, its users and any security compliance. We have worked with a number of public sector organisations, including a full remote and mobile working environment for UKTI across the world and a secure IL3 level information exchange for the Care Quality Commission.  

 Five common misconceptions

  • Cloud isn’t fully secureopen/close
    Security is a primary concern given the highly sensitive data handled by government organisations. The UKTI system was referred to the CESG for security clearance. Core was awarded the first RMADS G-Cloud supplier status accredited to “official” level. With a full identity and access management service, security is guaranteed from any location.
  • It can be expensive to implement open/close
    Core’s platform is priced on a subscription basis, and usage is tracked automatically. It is easily scalable and doesn’t require high volume roll-out in order to deliver savings. In the case of UKTI there was a 40% saving per user, and a consequent saving across the organisation.
  • It doesn’t deliver true remote working open/close
    The infrastructure developed for UKTI put in place flexible, secure and instant access to computing resources whether in the office, at home or out of the country. Our log-in system is fast and reliable.
  • You have to switch supplier every two years open/close
    Under the G-Cloud imitative it is mandatory that the contracts are for two years. After this time it is a requirement and that the contract is reviewed. There is no obligation to change partner. Rather it is an opportunity to ensure that your contract is the best value for money.
  • Working with an SME can be risky open/close
    They may not have the experience or capacity to deliver to a large organisation We’re proud that our knowledge, expertise and experience has enabled us to deliver solutions to complex multi-national organisations in both private and public sector. The UKTI project has been rolled out to 2,500 staff to date in 107 countries.


Andrew Strachan
The Cloud system with Core and the Microsoft suite of products has allowed us to achieve that in a very cost effective manner whilst delivering a host of productivity improvements
James Cahill
The hidden benefit of Office 365 was Lync Online. It has transformed the way staff work, at home or in remote locations. Lync Online offers the ideal channel through which to collaborate - with video conferencing, we can work effectively with our parent company to develop the business
James Cahill
With our previous system, our workforce could spend up to 20 minutes a day organising their mailboxes.
James Cahill
Moving to the cloud with Office 365 saved us having to make a significant investment in physical servers. We’ve also avoided the increased costs of bringing in new staff to manage the infrastructure.