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Enterprise Mobility Suite

​Providing a protected environment for users to work in any location on any device

The Enterprise Mobility Suite is Microsoft’s comprehensive cloud solution for the consumerisation of IT and Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) challenges. In addition, the Enterprise Mobility Suite discount makes it the most cost-effective way to acquire the included cloud services:

  • Microsoft Azure Active Directory Premium for hybrid identity management
  • Microsoft Intune for mobile device and application management
  • Microsoft Azure Rights Management for information protection

More than 80% of employees admit to using non-approved software applications in their jobs

Evaluation and free 30-day trial

Core and Microsoft are now offering a free 30-day trial of the Microsoft Enterprise Mobility Suite, together with a 1-day Enterprise Mobility workshop*. The 1-day engagement with Core will help you to:

  • Build and refine your Enterprise Mobility strategy
  • Implement your Enterprise Mobility Suite trial

To start your free trial and engagement with Core, please complete the form.


*The 1-day engagement will be provided through software assurance & planning service day vouchers.

 Five Challenges

  • Employees want to work from their own devices... Bring your own Deviceopen/close
    This can open up risk if they are doing business on devices with a password. Microsoft Intune is a cloud-based mobile device management solution to combat this.
  • People need to share documents and information safelyopen/close
    OneDrive for Business and SharePoint are two of the options that allow employees to share documents safely, both internally and externally, without a requirement to log on through a VPN. There is even the ability to lock down features such as editing or printing of documents once it has been downloaded and emailed to someone.
  • Employees lose equipmentopen/close
    Mobile Device Management allows you to set encryption and password rules on devices. You can also wipe all, or just selected data, from a device should a person leave or lose their device.
  • Managing numerous passwords and keeping them up to dateopen/close
    Managing complex on-premise and cloud systems and applications results in a multitude of passwords that need to be managed. This is where Azure Active Directory, an identity and access management solution, helps to manage users and groups, together with single sign-on for users.
  • As if the devices weren't enough of a headache, people download non-approved softwareopen/close
    Users may well want to use non-approved applications. Microsoft Intune lets you approve or remove applications without affecting the user.


Gita Krishnankutty
The new system has changed my life for better. I’m accessible when I am on the move. Connectivity is good and I am now able to work better with the UK because of the access after the High Commission closes
Andrew Strachan
It was vital we could show we had responded fully to the needs of our users and were introducing a system which was fast, joined up and mobile
Andrew Strachan
The Cloud system with Core and the Microsoft suite of products has allowed us to achieve that in a very cost effective manner whilst delivering a host of productivity improvements