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Managed Services for SME

​​Quality managed IT services at small business prices

Everything you need to run your own IT (without any technical knowledge)

Growing businesses need high quality solutions to enable secure mobile working, data sharing and collaboration. IT as a Service (ITaaS) allows you to access enterprise grade services for productivity and hosting without any of the big capital outlay of on-site solutions.

Sharing some of the hosting and infrastructure costs with other growing businesses can substantially reduce your costs without compromising your security. The software products and solutions you want to use are supported and maintained by us so you don’t have to. You benefit from automatic upgrades, 24-hour support and peace of mind knowing your data is securely backed up.

If you need more server space or processing power at busy times of the year the solution can be flexed to give you what you need. Regardless of consumption you pay a manageable monthly fee.

What is included?

Your desktops, laptops and mobile phones, productivity tools and software, telephony, hosting and infrastructure management together with 24/7 support services.

Where is the big saving?

Instead of charging you individually for the Server 2012 R2 Enterprise Windows Servers that we run for this solution, you only pay a small fraction of the shared monthly hosting and support costs. 

The solution

  • Shared servers, hosting and back-upopen/close
    - We migrate your servers to the cloud. This space is shared with other Core users. - Manage the servers against a strict service level agreement. - Provide back up and disaster recovery for all your data.
  • Desktops, laptops and phones maintained by usopen/close
    - We will build and deliver brand new laptops and mobiles as required. - Create a virtual desktop interface (VDI) if required. - Give each member of the team a direct line to Core support for all IT issues.
  • Collaboration and telephony as a serviceopen/close
    - We will set up Office365 and migrate your existing email. - Email, SharePoint and Lync will be provided as standard. - Migrate your file data into SharePoint and train you on collaboration. - Set up and port your telephony to Lync, hosted voice over IP (VOIP).


What's in the box?

All your productivity and collaboration tools:

Office 365 provides your email, SharePoint, Skype for Business and OneDrive. The solution also covers your Windows security essentials such as malware and anti-virus software.

Everything you need to manage your own IT:

Users can update their own information - You have a directory of all your users. Active Directory is the shared directory for the storage of user and group accounts.
Add new users and manage groups through Dell One Identity Platform.
Reset their own password - Users can answer a few questions and reset their own password through the password reset portal
Logging in is safe and straightforward - Users access a PIN code through their phone that is valid for 10 seconds. This is similar to banking access tokens. This software can be loaded onto Android, IOS or Windows Phones and hard tokens (dongles) can be provided at extra cost.
You are always on and always connected - Users have direct access and do not need a third party VPN solution to access corporate services. As long as you have Wi-Fi you are automatically connected to the office as if you were at your desk.
Single sign-on (SSO) - Login once to all the software and services you have permissions for through Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS). SSO means you login once and you can access Office 365 without having to login again. This also provides SSO to other software you use such as Salesforce or
Patching, auditing, software deployment, metering and asset management is managed through Dell KACE.


  • Devicesopen/close
    As part of the service, Core will supply and configure desktops, laptops and mobile phones to suit your requirements. If you want to work with your own devices they must meet the minimum recommended specification. We recommend you stick to single models of devices to keep the imaging of inter-faces to a minimum and the costs down.
  • Serversopen/close
    We recommend that you move all server applications to a SaaS offering where possible. For example if you use Sage for your accounts, ask them to migrate you to their SaaS offering. This is not essential but makes the management of your service more straightforward. We can manage some onsite services for you but we cannot provide server software support for third party software outside the hosted solution.
  • Advanced Intrusion Detectionopen/close
    Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS) are available to deploy onto desktop and laptop endpoints if required. Core use TrendMicro for this service.
  • What if I don't need all of this?open/close
    Not all businesses require all these features, but as a subscriber to the service they are there if you do need to access them.


Gita Krishnankutty
The new system has changed my life for better. I’m accessible when I am on the move. Connectivity is good and I am now able to work better with the UK because of the access after the High Commission closes
Andrew Strachan
It was vital we could show we had responded fully to the needs of our users and were introducing a system which was fast, joined up and mobile
We’ve reduced the reliance on IT, and we’ve reduced our workload, which is great. It allows us to flex on demand, and it allows us to focus on those projects where maybe we can’t outsource.
Core was the only company that displayed knowledge and skills in all our requirements