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CRM Platform for Government

​Relationship Management for Public Sector

Today's public sector faces challenges of restricted budgets and increasing expectations regarding efficiency. This year the core funding for local Government would have reduced 40% in real terms over the course of this Government. And with cuts in central Government departments ranging from 6-36% Government and public sector departments must find ways to adapt to a changing climate.

Core has tailored Microsoft's comprehensive Customer Relationship Management system specifically to address these demands.

Utilising Microsoft technology means giving staff a familiar user interface, building on world-class infrastructure and ensuring future configurability. Deploying Core's platform means cross-departmental efficiencies, potential cost savings and secure data consolidation.

Who do we help? As a G-Cloud approved supplier we have helped a number of Central and Local Government departments increase efficiency while reducing cost. We are currently ranked in the top 3% of SME's on G-Cloud by revenue*

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With Dynamics CRM you can enjoy integration of all your data, meaning important files will no longer get lost in different 'silos' or be on multiple spreadsheet. You can quickly and easily find all your data in a user interface that is familiar and easy to use. With CRM dashboards it's quick to get an overview on how different departments are doing and the reporting tools can quickly and easily find areas to focus on and show patterns and trend in customer's behaviour.

Click here to read some of our case studies to see how we have helped public sector department's work more efficiently through IT.

How do we help? Core's platform:

●Offers secure centralised data storage which simplifies data protection procedures

●Is configurable which allows authorities to keep pace with changing policies

●Can reduce costs by organising and automating processes

●Is easy to integrate with existing systems

●Gives insight into which channels are most popular

●Enables effective engagement with the public

●Can provide insights from listening to social media channels

Core is a G-Cloud Supplier with Official Level Security and a team of CRM experts led by Microsoft Most Valuable Professional David Jennaway. We engage with our clients from initial scoping, through implementation, to full training and support.


Andrew Strachan
The Cloud system with Core and the Microsoft suite of products has allowed us to achieve that in a very cost effective manner whilst delivering a host of productivity improvements
James Cahill
The hidden benefit of Office 365 was Lync Online. It has transformed the way staff work, at home or in remote locations. Lync Online offers the ideal channel through which to collaborate - with video conferencing, we can work effectively with our parent company to develop the business
James Cahill
With our previous system, our workforce could spend up to 20 minutes a day organising their mailboxes.
James Cahill
Moving to the cloud with Office 365 saved us having to make a significant investment in physical servers. We’ve also avoided the increased costs of bringing in new staff to manage the infrastructure.