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CRM Online - Core's 'Switch-On' Service

​Core's Switch-On-Service

Core are offering this starter pack to get your Sales and Marketing staff up and running with Microsoft's leading-edge digital marketing platform, CRM Online. For a fixed price, Core will deliver a project to include:

  • Sign-up for CRM Online, initial configuration and setup of user accounts (Maximum 10 users for initial project)
  • Onsite workshop to identify:
              • Target customers
              • Market satisfaction
              • Key outputs, dashboards and reports (limited by time)
              • Quality of existing data
              • Discussion of external sources of marketing data
              • Main channels for marketing communications
              • Scope of Marketing Campaigns
  • Simple CRM Customisation to customer-specific requirements:
              • Form and view layout
              • Custom fields on marketing-related CRM entities
              • Deduplication rules (if applicable and strictly limited in initial scope)
              • Dashboard and report configuration
  • Data import from one flat file or relational source, and creation of initial marketing lists
  • Onsite day for training / floor-walking to support go-live with new users

Optional extras and add-ons:

  • On-going support contracts
  • Inclusion of users beyond the initial 10
  • Scope extension to include inside sales, field sales, customer service (as applicable to client)
  • Migration of data from legacy/failed CRM application and spreadsheets
  • Setup of ClickDimensions, a marketing automation tool which integrates directly with Dynamics CRM

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Core have extensive experience with Dynamics CRM, delivering implementations and customisations since it was first available, with a 100% go-live rate.