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Deployment Planning Services

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Getting the most out of your licensing investment

Core can provide your customers with comprehensive end-to-end coverage of Microsoft’s key Cloud solutions.

The Planning Services Benefits of Software Assurance are designed to help guide customers through the deployment and business value planning stages of software implementation. Planning Services engagements are conducted by certified partners who share best practices, analyse the customer's organisational environment, and help create comprehensive deployment and implementation plans.

Public Cloud, Microsoft Azure (AZDPS)

Providing Software Assurance (SA) customers the exclusive benefit of structured consulting engagements that provide training, demos and activations planning for Azure.

Desktop (DDPS)

Customers can use DDPS to help cover the cost of services to help them understand how to deploy Office 365, Office, or Windows.

Microsoft Dynamics (DYDPS)

Implementing Microsoft Dynamics CRM - Design an implementation plan to help improve marketing effectiveness, boost sales, and enrich customer service interactions. Upgrading Microsoft Dynamics CRM - Help you to take advantage of all the latest innovations.

Skype for Business & Exchange (S&EDPS)

Customers can use S&EDPS to cover the cost of planning services to help them understand why and how to deploy Skype for Business Server or Exchange Server.

Private Cloud (PVDPS)

Designed to help organisations plan effective deployments of their System Center, Windows Server and Hyper-V solutions.

SharePoint (SDPS)

Customers can use SDPS to help cover the cost of engaging with a qualified consultant who will provide them with a plan, or proposal for deploying SharePoint.