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SharePoint Intranets

SharePoint Intranets

A SharePoint intranet is a way that organisations can centralise access to information and applications. They enable companies to manage internal communications more easily and help target important content to users, enabling a feeling of unity within a business. 

The features and benefits that come with SharePoint include: 


  • Intranet Portals 
  • “No-code” interface - Add pages and content without web design skills
  • Document and File Management 
  • Social Networks 
  • Tailored website designs 
  • Extranets 
  • Advanced Search Functionality 
  • Team collaboration



  • Collaboration – This is an important benefit of SharePoint as it allows team members to stay informed and connected throughout different activities/projects. SharePoint allows information and knowledge to flow more freely throughout an organisation and helps keep colleagues connected.  
  • A professional platform for communicating with all staff – SharePoint can help your employees feel more informed and engaged with each other 
  • No need for web designers to update content This is a great benefit for all users of SharePoint as it gives teams the ability to customise what they need to do their jobs efficiently without needing to hire a professional web designer.  
  • Intranet growth in a modular fashion, in your own time   Take your time to get to learn the different features and processes of SharePoint. Your environment can grow at a pace you decide, one element at a time. 
  • Information security and integrity SharePoint has extensive capabilities that enable the security of your content. From file, library and site permissions to the application of Rights Management Services to further secure content and provide peace of mind.