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SharePoint Migration

​Migrating to SharePoint

Core’s experts can help you find the fastest and most cost effective way to migrate to SharePoint and Office 365. 

When migrating content, we can work with you to:

  • Identify the content requiring migration (across any number of storage systems)
  • Run data mining activities to find potentially problematic files (based on size, file extension, illegal characters etc.)
  • Plan the re-organisation of content according to the Information Architecture
  • Plan the security model for migrated content
  • Perform the ultimate migration of content, including metadata and security, to the new environment

If you are moving from a previous version of SharePoint, and require assistance during transition, Core can assist with:

  • Analysing the current estate, and assessing full migration viability
  • Planning the move according to the new environmental structure
  • Assess and apply the required security model
  • Recommending the best approach and/or tools for moving sites to the new estate
  • Carrying out the migration to your new environment, and validating full success