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Synchronise multiple Global Address Lists with Core Aurora GALSync as a Service

Simply synchronise your Office 365 and Exchange tenants with Core Aurora GALSync (CAGS).

CAGS allows you to view an individual's calendars, user and group data across​  Exchange environments and Office 365. Whether you are trying to make use of a meeting room in another building, or checking availability across different organisations, CAGS lets you see this information automatically.

In other words, GALSync takes care of all the hard work of synchronising between different Office 365 implementations and Exchange environments. That means you can have a global address list, just as you did before, with all the convenience and time-saving that will bring to users and the organisation as a whole.

Once you have identified the implementations of Office 365 and Microsoft Exchange you want to include in the GAL, our software will do the rest.


How it works?

We can have GALSync up and running for you within a few hours. GALSync is a cloud based service requires access to your Office 365 tenants and/or access to your Exchange* environment. GALSync collects Address lists and Calendar free/busy from each environment, merges them and republishes them to each of your environments.​

Once GALSync is in place, we’ll take care of all the management and maintenance.



  • Save time for users - Easily view all the contact and calendar information without having to ask

  • Quick set up - We can get​ you set up the same day! Once you have selected the tenants we will do the rest

  • No additional hardware or software - We host the solution and maintain the service

  • Secure the data transmission by encryption

  • Time-triggered execution of the synchronisation tasks

  • Log files track everything that has happened during the entire sync process


Why would you need Core Aurora GALSync?

Multiple Office 365 Tenants and/or *Exchange environments

Mergers and acquisitions – Following a merge or acquisition, there will be multiple Office 365 Tenants and/or *Exchange environments. Quickly get your users working together by sharing all user and group information in one Global Address List.

Partners – Collaborate with partners when working with customers? CAGS lets you arrange meetings more simply by letting you see Free/Busy information in each other’s calendars.

Migration – When migrating to a new exchange, enable users to send emails to the previous organisation and vice versa.