Microsoft’s SharePoint is used by hundreds of millions of people worldwide, and deployed in around 80% of Fortune 500 companies. You’re in great company if you use it for your business; and Core is uniquely placed to help you do so.

Since managing the first ever SharePoint migration back in 2001, we’ve been involved in some of the largest SharePoint projects in Microsoft’s history.

SharePoint is all about collaboration, empowering staff and stakeholders to work together in efficient and inventive ways, whether they are located in the same office or spread across the world. The system can form the backbone of websites, intranets and document management systems. It’s easy to customise and administer, and can flexibly evolve with your business.

Features and Benefits

Intranets and Extranets

A SharePoint intranet allows you to centralise access to documents, information and applications. This focal point of internal communication facilitates strong cohesion and unity between your employees.

It’s also possible using an extranet, to make specific sites or sections of content available to teams and stakeholders outside your organisation. These users can work seamlessly within your SharePoint environment, while you maintain full control and security.

Document Management and Collaboration

Document management tools are central to SharePoint, allowing you to put solid working processes in place that promote easy collaboration and effective version control. With the ability to check documents in and out, and seamlessly co-author work, the SharePoint environment is leagues ahead of traditional file sharing.

Strong Security

Although SharePoint is hugely versatile and easily accessible, it is also possible to lock the system down to individual file and folder level, to maintain security and ensure no individual accesses information they shouldn’t. It is easy to protect data from unauthorised access, and maintain stringent control of the entire platform.