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Buy Microsoft licenses from Core and save 5% as compared to buying directly from Microsoft

Core's Microsoft Licensing Service

As a Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider (CSP), Core can sell licences for Microsoft cloud products at a lower cost than Microsoft themselves, and provides customers with lots of additional benefits at no extra cost.

Core can offer discounts on licences compared to buying from Microsoft directly, so we save you money from the outset. But cost-saving isn’t the only reason to choose Core for your licencing. We also provide a totally free Customer Success Programme for the duration of your time with us, to ensure you make the very best use of your Microsoft products.

We can transact your licences (buy them from Microsoft and put them on your tenant) or we can manage your whole licencing process from moving users to creating new user accounts, removing leaver licences and providing ongoing support. Whichever option you choose, our Customer Success Programme is included for free!

Not only is licencing cheaper through Core, we also give you full value in every aspect, from free training to ensuring you only pay for the licences you need.

Managed licences

Your licences will be managed by our Customer Success Manger, who will suggest the cheapest options for licensing so that you are never over-licensed.



Our flexible approach to licensing lets you change the number and type of licences you use month to month, as part of a 12-month contract. Licences are charged on a per user per month basis, so you only ever pay for the licences you need.

Customer Success Programme

As part of our Customer Success Programme you will be given your own dedicated Customer Success Manager who will provide training on Microsoft products and promotional material for user adoption, totally free of charge.


Core's Microsoft Licensing Benefits

✓ Licences often cheaper than buying directly from Microsoft

✓ Change the number and type of licences at any time

✓ Price locked-in for 12 months for predictable monthly spend

✓ Customer Success Manager provided for free

✓ Free user training either by Skype or on-site

✓ Free promotional material to encourage user adoption

✓ No charge for moving users across

✓ Free 30-day trial available for 25 or more licences

Managed Services FAQ

Core’s Microsoft licensing services will save you money and give you a host of additional benefits which make your licences even better value for money.

Licences bought through Core can be cheaper than buying from Microsoft directly. We also provide you with a Customer Success Manager who will give user training, either onsite or via live webinar, and promotional material to encourage user adoption, all totally free of charge.

As part of our Microsoft licencing services, we sell licences for a range of cloud products including Microsoft 365, Office 365, EMS, Dynamics 365, Project and Visio. Charity, academic, government and corporate licences are all available.

The cost of your Microsoft licences depends on the type and the number of licence(s) you buy.

You will be charged on a per user, per month basis for each licence you buy and will be billed monthly in advance. There is a minimum 12-month subscription. The cost of your licences is locked-in for the 12-month period, so even if the cost of the licence goes up, you will pay the same as you always have. If you change the number or type of licences you use, your next bill will be adjusted to reflect these changes.

Yes, you can pay for your entire 12-month subscription upfront if you prefer. You can still change the number or type of licences you use if do this; you will receive a credit and prorated rebill on your next billing date after you have changed the licences.

If you buy your licences through Core, your contract and billing relationship is with us. We are on hand to answer any queries, questions and issues you may have relating to your licences.

Yes, it’s very quick and easy to move licences across to us, whether you are moving from another CSP or have bought directly from Microsoft. We will buy the licences you need, then automatically move data and users across to your new licences. You will only pay for the licence(s); there is no charge for moving. Once every user has been moved, we’ll cancel your old licences and remove the relationship. All this happens with no user downtime, so you can carry on with your working day while we move you; you won’t notice a thing!

Yes, you can change the number and type of licences you have on a month by month basis. This is particularly helpful for organisations that regularly need to increase or decrease the number of users they have.

We offer a free trial of 25 licences (minimum) for 30 days. Any data from those 25 licences will be automatically moved to purchased licences if you choose to buy.

Yes, we can provide training to users totally free of charge, so that you get the most out of your licences. Our Customer Success Manager can provide both virtual and on-site training, and you can have as many training sessions as you like providing they don’t last more than two hours at a time.

Absolutely! We can provide training material, email tips and tricks templates and e-posters to encourage awareness and user adoption throughout your organisation, at no extra cost.

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