Dynamics 365 for Membership

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Core will hold a seminar on Dynamics 365 for Membership, on 20th September 2018. In our morning seminar, we will explore how Core’s Membership platform can help organisations like...

FIVE reasons your organisation should be using Core’s CRM for Membership platform

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Core knows that every Membership organisation is unique, be it in their identity, the industry they support or the challenges they face. However, the importance of delivering an engaging member journey is universal. Core is the...

TechSmart NFP 2017

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Core are delighted to sponsor TechSmart NFP 2017, which will take place on the 28th November, in London. This is the perfect opportunity to hear the latest advances in CRM applied to the membership sector.

CRM systems can help membership bodies retain and recruit members

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From royal colleges to chartered institutions, membership organisations exist in many forms. Some bodies exist as industry regulators and advisors, with compulsory membership for certain professions, while others are more relaxed communities of common interest....