When is a free intranet not really free?

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Intranets have been popular for businesses since the 1990s and have helped organisations to collaborate, communicate and share knowledge more easily. A good intranet is likely to cost a significant amount, which can stop some organisations...

The 7 key benefits of an intranet for business (Infographic)

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Intranets are important. They help create a collaborative and engaging environment in a company. There are 7 key benefits that an intranet can bring to a business. These benefits are:

Complete Guide to Creating an Intranet

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An intranet is a useful tool for organisations of every kind. Most companies use their intranet to create better communication and easier collaboration between teams. They can also be used as a secure place to...

Core People – John Brice, SharePoint Consultant

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In the latest instalment of our Core People blog series, we catch up with SharePoint Consultant John Brice. A stalwart of the SharePoint team, John has been with Core for a number of years. Here,...

Why you should brand your intranet – 5 levels of branding

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There are many reasons why you should brand your intranet . As an application that people will interact with on a daily basis, not only does it need to work seamlessly, it...