Why public cloud doesn’t really mean public

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The public cloud versus private cloud debate is not uncommon among decision makers within small to medium-size enterprises; especially when weighing up the pros and cons of costs, efficacy of in-house IT teams, data control...

Moving desktops to the cloud

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Increasingly, companies are using cloud desktops to give them flexibility and scalability as their business grows. What is a cloud desktop? Hosted desktops, virtual desktops, cloud desktops; they all essentially mean the same thing. Everything...

Why should public sector bodies move to the cloud?

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As the ever-changing landscape of technology continues to shift, there is a major drive in local and regional government organisations to make the move to cloud computing. There are many reasons to transition from an on-premise...

Public Cloud, Private Cloud or Hybrid Cloud in the Public Sector

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In general, Cloud computing can be said to offer the same benefits to an organisation; cost-efficiency, flexibility and reliability. As budgets in the Public Sector have been heavily cut over nearly a decade of austerity,

Identity and Access Management – Problems with provisioning and deprovisioning

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One of the major changes that customers face when adopting cloud solutions and platforms is the difference in criticality of provisioning and, specifically, deprovisioning user access. BC – Before cloud In the old world of on-premise infrastructure,...