Most workplaces have changed significantly in recent years. Staff are rarely so centralised in one office, and the ability to work from anywhere – from office to plane to client site- is something people have now come to expect.

Core’s intranet and collaborative working solutions facilitate this trend for mobile working whilst ensuring great cohesion and communication between teams – wherever they happen to be. An intranet based on Microsoft SharePoint can give everyone a point of focus for news, documents and company communication. Meanwhile, Microsoft Teams can enable group collaboration on ideas and projects.

With the right technology in place, location needn’t be a factor in ensuring your teams work well together.

Key Features and Benefits


A company intranet gives your employees and stakeholders a central hub for documents, calendars, internal communications and discussions around new projects and ideas. Best of all, it can be made accessible from any location and any device.

Using Microsoft SharePoint as a platform, a company intranet ensures employees remain informed, connected and engaged. Remote workers will always know what’s going on inside the company, without any feeling of isolation.

Document Management and Collaboration

Fast, reliable access to documents remains key to the efficiency of all companies. SharePoint provides a wealth of functionality to ensure everyone can quickly find what they need, and work on documents alone or collaboratively. This is thanks to the ability to co-edit documents and track the evolution of each piece of work, with straightforward yet comprehensive version control.

Such functionality allows everyone to make an efficient contribution to every project, with reliable file access ensuring deadlines are less daunting.

Simple Customisation

SharePoint is highly customisable, and can grow at the exact pace your company needs it to. There’s a huge amount of functionality on offer which can all be introduced as needed, in any desired combination.

Your customised intranet is tailored to your company and can evolve as required. Customisation is simple and doesn’t require web developers, so new functions can be rolled out whenever required. The intranet your team uses everyday can be simple or crammed with features, depending on the needs of your business.

Regardless of the complexity of your intranet, and the amount of data held within, advanced search functionality  ensures it’s always easy for everyone to locate the information they need.

Security and Compliance

You may think that providing such a rich feature set to staff located anywhere may present issues with security and compliance, however, SharePoint’s security features are extensive and allow you to ‘lock down’ content in any way you need. Individual sites, libraries and files can all have custom permissions, to control who can access the resources and what action they can take with them.

In addition, we can use Rights Management Services to further secure your content. For example, we can require users to use multiple-phase authentication before gaining access, and close off user accounts when employees leave. Despite such easy accessibility, we can also offer stringent security too, for your peace of mind.