The landscape of cybersecurity is evolving at an incredible pace, with a constant array of new threats and vulnerabilities to respond to. In addition to this, modern businesses need to provide flexible mobile working capabilities and ensure they can comply with burgeoning compliance legislation.

This considerable set of challenges can leave IT departments of all sizes exposed, but yours needn’t be one of them. Core has created a comprehensive Security as a Service package to address these issues, and allow you to focus on business development, rather than technical concerns.

Key Features and Benefits

Integrated Service

Core’s Security as a Service offering incorporates a considerable number of systems and processes, starting with the entire Office 365 environment. It includes mobile device management, to ensure mobile devices are secure and safe from data leaks; information and rights management, to ensure that only the right people can access the right systems and information; and cyber security solutions, to protect against all the latest online threats.


Compliance is also fully covered by Core’s service. We recognise that companies face an increasing burden in this area, especially regarding General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR). The compliance tools we offer include a full  GDPR assessment with recommendations.

Constant Support and Assistance

Core’s Managed Services support department already provides fast and efficient support to over 30,000 users using our Aurora platform, in 57 countries across the world. We ensure your users can access help when they need it, and enhance their security with Microsoft’s Secure Productive Enterprise E5 cloud-based and endpoint security services.

Hacking and Security Challenges