Delivering a consistent IT experience to your staff can prove challenging, especially if they have flexible working arrangements or travel between multiple locations. Core’s Secure Desktop as a Service solution delivers a secure and dependable experience to all staff, whether they’re working on an office desktop PC, or remoting into a virtual desktop environment via their tablet or smartphone.

You have the choice of using perfectly configured ‘gold image’ physical devices (laptops or desktops), or remoting in to a Virtual Personal Desktop from anywhere. This technology is based on Microsoft RDS Server 2016, together with Microsoft Enterprise Mobility Suite and Trend Intrusion Detection.

With a lead time of 2-10 weeks to custom design and implement this service specifically for your company, you can quickly deliver a desktop computing environment that is always consistent for your staff. Access to a fast and reliable Windows 10 desktop environment is assured from anywhere; and support is always on hand.

Key Features and Benefits

Full-featured Flexible Working

With full desktop-level system access available from anywhere, your staff can be at their most productive. You can choose to issue your team members with pre-configured laptops, desktops or tablets, which are asset managed and tagged prior to being shipped directly. Users also have the option of using the Virtual Personal Desktop environment whenever it’s more convenient.

It is possible to provision new users for the virtual desktop environment on the same day the request is made.

Top Class Security

A host of security features ensure Core’s Desktop as a Service solution remains solid and reliable. Robust intrusion detection and prevention measures are also in place, along with real-time trend alerting to help identify ‘zero day’ threats.

Core’s Microsoft Azure-based datacentres in the south and west of the UK have pan-government approval up to “Official” level, and systems are subject to full penetration tests prior to hand-over.

Dependable Support

The success of all IT solutions rests on the quality of support. Core’s solution comes with 24/7/365 support from a UK-based team. All the UK support staff have BPSS clearance and some are also cleared to SC level.

Windows 10 Managed Service – Fast secure, complete remote device build

Core has developed a service for our clients and partners that allows us to build and service your Windows 10 device remotely, ‘over-the-air’.