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Core's Managed Network

Designing and maintaining a reliable and secure network infrastructure is challenging, and it requires experience and expertise. Core’s networking and Security as a Service offering helps you establish reliable connectivity, keep your systems safe from attack and eliminate bottlenecks that could impact productivity.

Core’s networking offerings break down into three main facets:

1. Managed networking – we take care of all the key infrastructure elements that keep your technology running smoothly, from network switches to Wi-Fi connections.

2. Firewall as a service - we provide the peace of mind that comes from knowing your IT environment is secure, stable, and proactively monitored.

3. Secure Cloud Gateway – we enable government departments to seamlessly connect to cloud-based systems and resources.

The typical blend of on-premise and private/public cloud-based systems now found in most modern organisations can create dilemmas and technical challenges. Core’s experience will ensure you can eliminate them.

Key Features and Benefits

Managed Networking:

Cabling and Connectivity

The chances are that your network uses a whole selection of connectivity methods. These typically include wired connections to switches, site-to-site VPN links, office Wi-Fi connections and provision for people to access systems remotely.

Core will ensure these essential 'nuts and bolts' fit together correctly and securely, and that performance is constantly monitored so that proactive steps can be taken to identify and resolve any issues.


With newspapers filled with horror stories about hacks and data breaches, network security is an absolute priority for most organisations. A combination of well-configured firewalls and expert monitoring can help to ease these worries, and free you up to concentrate on your business rather than your technology.

Firewall as a Service:

Managed SonicWall

As a SonicWall Certified Partner, Core can take care of provisioning and configuring the latest SonicWall devices (either on-site or hosted) to act as a first-class line of defence for your network. These highly sophisticated devices protect against a host of threats, including spam, spyware and denial-of-service attacks.

With weekly backups and network security reports, your company is continually kept protected and informed. Your expertly configured solution also ensures connectivity into your system is locked down and professionally managed, so that branch offices and remote users can enjoy reliable connectivity without leaving 'open doors' for hackers.

Patches, Updates and Intrusion Detection

With new vulnerabilities being found in hardware and software all the time, it’s essential that your business has a solid patching regime in place to avoid hackers exploiting these newly-discovered shortcomings.

Core can put all the required systems in place to ensure both software and hardware firmware is kept up-to-date, with minimal disruption to network uptime. In addition, we can use intrusion detection technology to ensure any attempts to compromise your network are stopped in their tracks.

Secure Cloud Gateway:

Cloud Connectivity

For many government departments, connecting to cloud-based services directly can prove overwhelmingly complex, prohibitively expensive, or both. Core’s Secure Cloud Gateway provides an alternative, allowing you to connect to services such as Microsoft Azure or Amazon Web Services via our high-tech datacentres in London and Slough.

Using MPLS or IPSEC VPN connections, we can establish connectivity via any client-side firewall and fully manage all the routers and other infrastructure components involved. By making this connectivity simple and cost-effective, this system also provides a low-cost way to test and trial cloud services with minimal outlay.

Security and Performance

Choosing to use Core’s Secure Cloud Gateway doesn’t mean any compromises are made regarding speed or security. Our datacentres are government accredited and certified to "Official" (Sensitive) level. Furthermore, we can offer dedicated bandwidth at speeds ranging from 100Mbps to a lightning fast 160Gbps.

These connections are constantly under proactive management, with 24/7 support available. All customers are provided with monthly service reports detailing their bandwidth utilisation and any threat detection events.

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