Membership organisations need to always respond efficiently to member’s requirements. If you work in this sector, you’ll also understand that it’s essential to constantly track and promote subscriptions and renewals. Core offers a specially tailored Membership Management solution that’s build around a series of Microsoft Dynamics 365 modules.

The expert team delivering this solution to you is led by David Jennaway, the UK’s first Microsoft Most Valuable Professional for CRM. We’d be delighted to add your organisation to the many we already support on this system, which include Royal Colleges, trade associations and professional bodies.

Key Features and Benefits

Membership Management

Core’s Microsoft Dynamics 365-based system provides the perfect “at a glance” view of all members and their activity. It’s possible to manage renewals, and introduce time and segment-based offers to drive engagement.

Thanks to links to Microsoft SharePoint, it’s easy to provide access to documentation such as publications and marketing literature, all via an easy-to-use interface that can be accessed remotely.

Marketing Tools

Membership organisations need to ensure they always stay on their members’ radar, and Core’s Membership Management system provides a wealth of tools to help to do this. It’s simplicity itself to handle personalised communications, and set up segmented campaigns to maximise member loyalty and harness up-selling opportunities.

Event Managements

Events provide one of the greatest opportunities to engage with members. As such, our system builds in extensive event management capabilities that are easily accessible. Expert-level support is also available at all times, which is especially useful when an event is in progress.