The way we work has changed. More and more, staff work ‘on the go’ from various locations and are rarely centralised in one office. People need to be able to work anywhere at any time, from office to airport to client site. Mobile working isn’t the exception, it’s the new norm, and Core’s intranets can help your business achieve it.

Offering great user experience and a powerful intelligent workplace, Core’s intranet and collaborative working solutions allow teams to work together instantly wherever they are. Our intranets provide a central hub for documents, file sharing, calendars and internal communications, as well as a dedicated space for sharing ideas and discussing projects.

Core has partnered with award-winning platform Beezy to power our intranets and give them the ability to deliver the four pillars of the modern digital workplace: collaboration, communication, knowledge and processes.

Communities and collaboration

Our intuitive intranets revolve around communities which give context and relevance to every activity and improve search and discovery for easy collaboration between users. Their blogging capability and newsfeed technology lets teams interact and give feedback quickly, while Knowledge Centres combine social collaboration with taxonomy and document management for better data and context. Finally, these intelligent workplaces connect the tools most used by employees and allows them to automate certain tasks, for slicker processes that speed up their routine.

Simple customisation

Core’s Beezy-powered intranets aren’t just functional and intuitive; they’re attractive, too. Your intranet can be branded with company colours and logo for a visually appealing experience. Highly customisable, Core’s intranets grow in line with your company and can have functionality added as needed, without web developers. Your intranet can be streamlined and simple or jam-packed with features; either way, our advanced search makes it easy for everyone to find the information they need.


Security is another important part of any intranet, and Core’s is second-to-none. Content can be ‘locked down’ however you like, and custom permissions can be created to control user access and actions.

Core offers Beezy services over three packages: Gold, Silver and Bronze. Details of each package are below: