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Core's Identity Management Services

Identity and Access Management (IDAM) is a critical part of any organisation’s IT security, especially because today, most of us run multiple applications, systems and servers at the same time.

To manage user rights and access, an identity management solution which offers provisioning, user management, governance and access control needs to be used.

Core’s identity management services provide this and more to help you take control of your systems and users. Our IDAM solution gives people quick and easy access to the things they need and restricts access to the things they don’t.

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Full-cycle identity management

Running as part of our Aurora system, our identity management solution uses proven IDAM technology including Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS) and Azure AD. It uses a principle of Role Based Access Control (RBAC) and can be configured to your company’s precise requirements. We also consider the full life-cycle of the user, including withdrawing access when people leave.

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Custom-branded identity management

To give you a personalised experience, Aurora can be custom-branded to fit your organisation. The process for identifying and authenticating users and providing system access is also highly configurable. New users can be automatically provisioned either via integration with Microsoft Active Directory or by linking to external systems.

Two-factor authentication

Core understands that secure authentication to IT systems often involves more than just passwords. As well as offering secure web-based access from any browser on any device, our IDAM solution also supports secure two-factor authentication using both hard and soft tokens.

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Core's Identity Management Benefits

✓ 24/7 support – Get instant help at any time of day with our IT support which is available 24/7, 365 days a year.

✓ Multilingual support – Our Managed IT Service support is multilingual to help teams which are located around the world, not just in English-speaking countries

✓ Server support – Core can support your servers whether they are located on-premise or hosted in the cloud via Microsoft Azure

✓ Microsoft Office 365 support – Additional support is available for Microsoft Office 365 and the Enterprise Mobility Suite (EMS)

✓ Proactive patching – Core’s Managed IT Service provides proactive patching and security monitoring on all desktops and servers, so you are protected against newly discovered vulnerabilities as soon as possible

✓ Cloud-hosted service desk – Enjoy access to a cloud-hosted service desk system which lets your users check the status of issues and queries

Identity Management FAQ

Identity and access management (IDAM) is the process of identifying, enabling and managing user access to your systems and network. The main objective is to give users access to the networks and systems they need while restricting access to those they don’t through creating a unique digital identity.

It is critical that organisations properly control user access so that users can do their jobs efficiently, and your network and systems are secure. Identity management solutions are a way of achieving this, through helping you control what your users can access at a time when most organisations are running multiple systems and have complex identity needs.

Custom permissions let specified users access the files and systems they need but also protect and restrict access to the things they shouldn’t access. Once the identity is created, it is maintained, modified and monitored using the IDAM solution for the duration of the user’s lifecycle, that is, when the user leaves the business and access is withdrawn.

Identity as a Service is the ongoing management of your identity and access management needs, after the initial IDAM solution has been implemented. Core uses software from our partner One Identity to provide Identity as a Service to our customers.

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