With modern businesses running so many electronic systems, keeping track of who can access them, how, and from where, can feel like a never-ending task. Our Identity and Access Management solution is designed to take control of all your systems and users, and ensure everyone gets the access they need. Key to this is providing such access without leaving holes for unauthorised personnel – be they hackers, or simply people who have left the company and moved on.

Running as part of our Aurora system, this solution uses a host of modern technology, including ADFS, Azure AD and Active Directory Health Check. It uses a principle of Role Based Access Control (RBAC) and can be configured to your company’s precise requirements.


Key Features and Benefits

Custom Branding and Scripting

Aurora can be custom branded for your organisation, and processes for identifying users, authenticating them and providing them system access are highly configurable. We consider the full “lifecycle” of a user, including planning for how to withdraw access when personnel leave.

Provisioning and Integration

It’s possible to configure Aurora to automatically provision new users for the system, either via integration with Microsoft Active Directory, or by linking into external systems. Once within the system, users can perform their own “self service” password resets, and administrators have access to portals to grant access to additional systems and groups.

An extensive range of reports is available from the point of installation, allowing you to easily monitor and verify how systems are being accessed and used.

A Choice of Authentication Methods

Secure authentication to IT systems often involves more than just passwords. As well as offering secure web-based access from any browser on any device, the system supports secure two-factor authentication using both hard and soft tokens.