If you’re looking for a truly versatile IT environment that can be scaled up and down as needs dictate, our Hosted Identity Platform will fit around your exact requirements. This solution combines Aurora, our cloud-based identity and access management platform, with access to our IT infrastructure pools and secure datacentres.

With no commitment locking you in, you’re free to scale your IT resources on an ‘as needed’ basis, to keep costs at a minimum. This solution is also a great way to seamlessly extend your current IT infrastructure.

Key Features and Benefits

Reduced Costs

Choosing to use our hosted systems means you can avoid capital expenditure and keep operational expenditure controlled too. We can deploy new systems and applications on our infrastructure, removing the need for up-front investment on servers and other equipment.

Complete Customisation

Core’s Aurora platform uses Rule Based Access Control (RBAC) to ensure users have exactly the right level of system access. The system is highly configurable and can be branded for your organisation.

Everything from how starters and leavers are dealt with, to how users authenticate, log in and change their credentials is completely customisable, and there’s support for multi-phase authentication using tokens, as well as secure web-based browser access.

Fast and Easy Integration

Aurora integrates easily across all your systems, and it’s possible to incorporate management of external user accounts. User provisioning and de-provisioning can be automated, both via Microsoft Active Directory and alternative systems.

Flexible Scaling

We appreciate that you may need to change your hosting requirements at any time, so we make it easy for you to scale up and down. Additional resources can be quickly deployed, and a lack of ‘lock in’ commitment means there’s no cost penalty if you decide to reduce the level of service or capacity you require.

What is Aurora?