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Transform the way company creates and shares work

Core's Document Management Services

In the age of flexible, remote and mobile working, your documents need to be quickly and easily accessible, from any location on any device, and securely stored.

Using Microsoft SharePoint, Core’s content management solution makes this happen.

SharePoint will transform the way your company creates and shares work and is the natural modern replacement for traditional file shares and mapped drives.

We use our experience and best practice expertise to build you the perfect custom SharePoint environment for your organisation, which works exactly the way you need it to, with taxonomy, security and information architecture all taken into consideration.

Access content anywhere, from any device

Access the full functionality of SharePoint from anywhere, on any smart device, and synchronise SharePoint libraries for reliable offline use. With just a few clicks, you can share content internally and externally.


Search documents easily

Metadata classification including full hierarchical taxonomies makes accessing individual documents quick and easy, using the system’s own search engine. Documents can be checked in and out to eliminate issues with version control, making co-authoring easy.

Control document access

Granular security down to individual file level lets you lock documents down as part of an approval mechanism, so you can define who can access what content.


Core's Document Management Benefits

✓ Easy access – Access documents from anywhere, on any device

✓ Intuitive storage  – Documents are logically stored, easy to locate and access

✓ Security first – Document management with a completely secure environment

✓ Metadata support – Enjoy better content management through metadata

✓ Access management – Easily restrict who can access content through access controls

✓ Sharing made simple – Share content internally and externally with just a few clicks

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