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Document management is a central function of Microsoft’s SharePoint. It can transform the way your company creates and shares work. Switching to a system like this is a huge step forward from traditional file shares and mapped drives.

At Core, we use our extensive experience and 'best practise' expertise to help you build the perfect custom SharePoint environment for your organisation. With consideration given to information architecture, taxonomy and file security, we can configure a document management system that works exactly as your company needs it to.

Key Features and Benefits

File Storage and Sharing:

SharePoint allows you to securely store your files in a logical structure that works for your business and gives all your teams the information they need at their fingertips. The ability to add metadata classification makes it easy to track down individual documents using the system’s own search engine, even if you have a vast amount of stored data.

Documents are checked in and out when they’re being worked on, eliminating issues with version control and making co-authoring seamless and trouble-free. Version histories are maintained, and deleted documents are passed to a recycle bin where they can be restored if needed using a simple interface.

Despite the vast amount of 'out of the box' functionality available, SharePoint is easy to use, with only a few clicks required to share content internally and externally.

Productivity and Collaboration:

A well-designed and customised document management system helps teams to remain organised and work at maximum efficiency. Different departments can maintain their own workspaces and incorporate team and company calendars, complete with alerts and reminders.

SharePoint will allow you to establish a highly collaborative working environment without the need for time-consuming administrative effort.

Security and Compliance:

As well as ensuring that all your company’s documents are kept in a secure environment, SharePoint provides granular security right down to individual file level. It’s easy to define exactly who has access to each file.

Files can be locked down and made part of an approval mechanism (so that unapproved content is never made public). In addition, strict version control is in place to ensure everyone always accesses and works on the correct iteration of each document.

Flexible Working:

In an age of flexible, remote and mobile working, nobody expects to be forced to work from just one office or location. You can access the full functionality of your SharePoint environment and view and edit documents from anywhere, using any smart device. It’s also possible to synchronise SharePoint document libraries for reliable offline use.

Document management systems from Core are supported by our expert support team on a 24/7/365 basis, so your teams can be assured of expert help whenever and wherever they choose to work.


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