Connectivity Hub

Get a reliable, high-speed and secure connection so you can safely and seamlessly adopt cloud services like Office 365 and Azure.

Core's Connectivity Hub Services

In the age of the Internet of Things, Core’s unique and innovative Connectivity Hub solution lets you manage your connections to IoT devices, and securely and seamlessly adopt cloud services like Office 365 and Azure.

Connectivity Hub is like the cloud for your connections; it gives you a reliable, high-speed and secure connection so you can safely and seamlessly adopt cloud services like Office 365 and Azure.

Connectivity Hub routes all your connections - no matter how many - through one central hub which removes the need for individual connections at every site, transforming the way your organisation connects to cloud services.

If your organisation has ever wanted to adopt cloud services, but the cost of multiple connections proved too much, Connectivity Hub is the ideal solution.

Connectivity done right

Connectivity Hub aggregates an appropriate number of suitably-sized connections into a communication array and connects them back to branch office locations via a range of methods including VPN, MPLS or VPLS.

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Firewall threat detection

Firewall security and threat detection ensure your connection is secure, with suspicious data streams quarantined for further inspection.

Affordable connectivity

Enjoy a faster, more secure, simpler way of connecting to your devices across any number of locations, at a lower cost.

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Core's Connectivity Hub Benefits

✓ Secure, high-speed connection routed through a central hub

✓ Aggregate and rationalise dedicated cloud connections like ExpressRoute or AWS DirectConnect

✓ Removes the need for a connection and hardware at every location

✓ Mitigate the risks associated with data transmission

✓ Connection protected by a firewall and ongoing threat detection

✓ Potentially dangerous data streams quarantined for inspection

✓ Carrier-class networking and firewall hardware

✓ Data logged to predict when devices might need servicing

✓ Sensor service checks IoT devices are working and online

✓ Expert support available 24/7/365

Connectivity Hub FAQ

Connectivity Hub is a new way of connecting to devices and which lets you safely adopt cloud services like Office 365 and Azure. All your connections are intelligently routed through a single, secure hub to reduce cost and create a safer, more streamlined connection.

Connectivity Hub can help your organisation by rationalising, securing and speeding up your connections. It gives you better, safer connectivity at a lower cost.

The cost of Connectivity Hub varies and depends on a few factors, specifically, the number of connections into cloud platforms you need, the number of entry connections from customer office locations, number of users, overall bandwidth throughput required, the connectivity uptime specified in your SLA and the number of services that need to be on-boarded. If you would like to discuss your requirements with a member of the Core team, contact us today.

It is very easy to route connections through Connectivity Hub. Core has a tried and tested onboarding process for new downstream and upstream connections. Once the customer has provided some basic details about the new connection requirement, the Connectivity Managed Services team at Core will manage the rest of the process for you through design, testing, pilot and release to live.

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