Nintex is easy workflow software to help you improve how you work

Used by a range of sectors including customer service, finance, HR, operations, sales and marketing and IT, Nintex is easy, point-and-click workflow automation software designed to tackle everything from basic business functions to company-wide processes with a few clicks -not code- to help you improve how you work.

From day-to-day tasks to the most sophisticated business-critical processes, Nintex makes people more productive and their jobs easier. Nintex’s goal is to help customers do more of what they do best.

Over the last decade, Nintex has built software and cloud-based services that provide powerful yet easy-to-use capabilities to automate a wide range of processes. With the Nintex Workflow Platform, people are empowered to define the way they want to work, not the way technology forces them to work. Nintex know it’s easy to build powerful software, but it’s hard to make powerful software easy.