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How to increase engagement with your customers

Posted by: Laura Lopez Posted date: 02/08/2016

In today’s world, customer service is essential to turn users into leads and happy customers into promoters; customer data is playing an even more important role in selling. CRM software helps companies to organise their leads and to target their message to specific groups in order to make a bigger impact in potential customers.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM is an exceptional tool to engage with your customers. The reason for this is that Dynamics CRM helps you to store a very complete profile of your customers so you have access to the necessary information to target your message to the right audience. A good helper in this task is called Advanced Find.

Advanced Find is one of Dynamics CRM’s best features. It allows us to dig deep into your data without needing to understand the complexities of database relationships, SQL or FetchXML syntax, etc. Apart from being useful to create marketing lists, users will be able to extract all data they need to create charts and reports and to know which market their customers belong to.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM also provides the organisation with a hot/warm/cold leads system that shows if that lead is ready to be contacted by the sales team or not. What some companies have started to do after the selling cycle has been completed is following up on how their customers find the product once they have purchased it. This is a very powerful initiative as it helps the customers to not forget your company. By doing this you are not only making them feel cared but you won’t miss any future opportunity that comes across by speaking with them.

Finding out about customers’ interests, where they work and their position as well as their social media profiles is very important. That will tell you how to target marketing campaigns to them. By sending information that Is truly useful for them, you are ensuring not just that they visit your website but that they are engaged.

Don’t let your company to be held behind and stay ahead your competitors with the latest features of Microsoft Dynamics CRM.