How Microsoft Office 365 and Microsoft Dynamics CRM can benefit the Financial Services Industry

The financial services industry is changing. The market is more competitive and attracting and retaining new customers is an ever growing challenge. The market needs an efficient platform that connects its customers and while delivering ease of use to employees.

Microsoft Office 365 and Microsoft Dynamics CRM are one of the solutions to this problem.

Top 3 features how CRM and Microsoft Office 365 can help the financial services Industry

  1.- *An Online Project Management Platform
When you need to deal with a long list of customers with different requirements, dates and you need to be up to date with all of them, not having an appropriate system to help you out can be quite inconvenient. A web-based project management platform doesn’t only notify you the most important dates you should be aware of. But it also helps you to classify your leads into groups so you can target your marketing campaigns in a more efficient way.

2.- Document and Content Management
Taking into account the increasing amount of paperwork underwriters need to deal with every day, Microsoft Office 365 is very useful tool to share electronic documents and forms. Particularly when employees need to send contracts or any sort of information to clients without wasting paper nor time.

3.- Customer Service Optimisation
It is now standard practice for financial service providers to have a contact centre along with the integration of the web. Its key function is to provide rapid answer whenever the clients need them the most. A useful tool, companies implement to their sites, are live chats which help users to obtain an immediate answer to any question that it crosses their minds. The main advantage of this system is that a customer service employee is the one who is behind the chat and is able to give personalised answers through the use of Dynamics CRM and the ability to see all the information relating to the customer.

Given these 3 key features, all you need to know is how you can implement them to your business to make the most of its activity. Remember that all your customers are online and that is the place where you need to connect with them. Make less effort and drive more sales.

Source: Jerri Ledford “4 Must-Have CRM Tools for Insurance Agencies.”

Laura Lopezpaz
Laura Lopez

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