Core People – Emma Chorley, Senior Project Manager

From tech wizards to marketing specialists, the Core team is a vibrant mix of people with a shared goal: to transform business through technology. In our new blog series Core People, we chat to a different member of the Core team every month to find out more about their role and gain insight into what it’s like to work at Core.

To kick-start the series, we spoke to Senior Project Manager Emma Chorley. An integral part of the Programme Management Office, Emma was recently nominated for a prestigious Women in IT award in the category ‘Future CIO of the Year’. Here, she tells us about her role at Core, what she enjoys most about her job and, most importantly, her favourite pizza topping!

Emma Chorley - Project Manager
Emma Chorley – Senior Project Manager

What is your role at Core?

I’m the Senior Project Manager in the Programme Management Office. We deliver Cloud and Infrastructure, SharePoint and CRM projects. Anything that is not managed by our support contracts for the Managed Services team, and comes in as a project, either myself or one of the other Project Managers will oversee it through the life-cycle of the project.

How long have you worked at Core?

Just coming up to one year now.

What do you enjoy most about working at Core?

I think the people at Core, particularly. I wasn’t in London long before I got the job with Core, and I felt quite quickly that I was welcomed in and that when I came into work there were really nice people around me. I think that made the transition of me moving to London significantly easier, because I was going into a job each day that I liked, and I liked the people.

Also, the ability to work agile is fantastic with Core, so if you have commitments -for example, my family is based in Liverpool and occasionally I have had to go home- I’ve been able to fully do my job because I’ve got a Surface Pro and access to Office 365. I’ve done as much work as I would if I’d been sat in the office. I think it is quite a personal company, really. It’s the kind of place you could say “I’ve got this challenge”, and they would work with you to support you.

What is the most challenging aspect of your job?

Having multiple clients who all have different priorities and different timelines. I’m sure they all have pressure from their own businesses, so trying to meet all those needs whilst managing the availability of resources at Core is a challenge. Sometimes we have people who are fully booked and there is a crisis with the client who says, “I need that person”, and there’s no availability. So, trying to ensure that we meet the needs of the client and also protect the resources at Core.

What has been your career highlight while working at Core?

I got promoted and found out I was nominated for the Women in IT Awards, so that was a really nice sequence of events. The Women in IT Awards contacted me on LinkedIn. They said, “we’d like to nominate you for an award, we just need a bit of information”, and that they would let me know if I was a finalist. Then they contacted me to say I was! The awards are one of the biggest diversity events. From the minute they published the names I got loads of messages on LinkedIn from people I didn’t even know, giving congratulations and asking me to join their LinkedIn network. It will be really nice to go and meet people who are working in a similar role and building those networks up.

Describe working at Core in a sentence…

Delivering fast-paced projects but in a very positive working environment.

What would you be doing if you didn’t work at Core or in IT?

I think I would stick with project management, because I like that. I would probably just pick a different area really. I think it would be quite a transferable skill.

Ok, time for some quick-fire questions! City break or beach holiday?

City break. One hundred per cent!

Favourite pizza topping?

I don’t like cheese, so my pizza has to be quite specific! It’s a barbecue base with meatballs and pepperoni on top. The barbecue sauce holds the meat in place because there’s no cheese!

Favourite social media platform?

I would probably say Instagram. I don’t mind Twitter and Facebook, and I do use them both, but I like pictures and photography. I also like capturing my life in pictures; sometimes it’s nice to go back to your own board and look at previous years. I like that you can add a hashtag too, so I’ve done one for my niece. If I click that hashtag, there’s only pictures of her.

Lucy Wright
Lucy Wright

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