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Mark Pembroke - Sales Manager - Retail & Manufacturing

Mark Pembroke

IT Services for Retail

Microsoft’s sophisticated SharePoint system forms the perfect central repository for all your organisation’s data. This solution is highly customisable and includes features to ensure compliance and control access to files and documents.

SharePoint is a tried and tested solution, used by millions worldwide. It’s accessible both locally and remotely, from a wide range of different devices.

Read how our services can help retail and manufacturing organisations in the section below.

Desktop as a Service for Retail

A well-designed mobile working system can help your staff truly address the needs of customers, and work flexibly wherever they need to. This can mean between different stores, in central offices, or at home.

Our hosted desktop service gives everyone access to a fully-fledged computer environment – but from any device, anywhere. Customers don’t have to wait for answers when they’re all at staff’s fingertips, wherever they happen to be.

Intranets & Collaborations for Retail

Retail is a sector when staff turnover creates challenges. To deliver a great customer experience, staff need comprehensive training, and this training goes to waste when a good employee moves on.

Engagement is key to holding onto good staff, and providing a collaborative tool such as a company intranet can help with this. An intranet provides a way to disseminate information and encourage constant communication between staff and management. Engaged staff are more likely to stay – which means fewer recruitment drives and less expensive (and time-consuming) retraining.

Identity & Access Management for Retail

Providing current and detailed information to your staff does mean you’ll need to ensure you can withdraw their access to it when they leave. Core’s Identity and Access Management solution makes this straightforward.

This solution ensures individual team members only have access to the information they need to do their jobs and assist customers. Furthermore, it makes it simple to withdraw all their permissions as and when they leave the organisation.


Core helped Apex Hotels adopt Microsoft SharePoint as its content management and collaboration platform.


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