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Harry Reid - Sales Manager - Local Government, NFP and Membership

Harry Reid

IT Services for Charities & NFP

Membership and not-for-profit organisations must strike a delicate balance between managing technology costs and ensuring their systems provide value and engagement for members and stakeholders.

If you work in these sectors, you'll recognise the frequent challenges associated with pulling information from diverse data sources, multiple websites and dispersed systems.

Core's Membership Management solution is built on the sophisticated Microsoft Dynamics 365 framework. It is intended to offer seamless integration across the organisation, from customer-facing websites to internal finance systems. Consistency and reliability is key, together with dependable support and predictable costs.

Read how our services can help Government organisation in the section below.

Membership Platform for Charities & NFP

Custom-designed around all the key people in your organisation, Core’s Microsoft Dynamics-based membership management solution is designed to ensure everyone gets access to the data they need on a consistent basis.

We can use the platform’s flexible and extensive range of modules to custom build exactly the system your organisation needs, considering the requirements of all concerned – from board members and trustees to sales, marketing and fundraising teams

SharePoint Consultancy for Charities & NFP

Microsoft’s sophisticated SharePoint system forms the perfect central repository for all your organisation’s data. This solution is highly customisable and includes features to ensure compliance and control access to files and documents.

SharePoint is a tried and tested solution, used by millions worldwide. It’s accessible both locally and remotely, from a wide range of different devices.

University of Law

ULaw now has an effective communication tool and can collaborate on documents easily and securely.

The National Autistic Society

The National Autistic Society website's traffic has gone up by 20% and from 10,000 pages views weekly to 12,000.