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Mark Pembroke

IT Services for Manufacturing

Technology moves fast in manufacturing.  Manufacturers need to balance stringent regulation and compliance with flexible and mobile working, whilst also maintaining productivity and mitigating against an evolving landscape of online security threats.

Core’s solutions for the manufacturing industry take all this into account. We can help you work towards increasing productivity through implementing flexible but secure IT systems.

Read how our services can help Industrial companies in the section below.

Managed Security for Manufacturing

The threat of cyber crime is growing all the time. The manufacturing sector faces unique challenges, because trade secrets and intellectual property have significant value. A data breach for a company in this sector can be catastrophic.

With a trend towards ransomware threats, as seen in the 2017 NHS hack, companies of all kinds must protect themselves against both data leakage and financial and reputational damage. Core’s Security as a Service package protects every facet of the infrastructure, incorporating secure Office 365, rights management, data-leak protection, mobile device management and advanced compliance tools.

Desktop as a Service for Manufacturing

Mobile working is becoming increasingly common. Teams need fast access to information wherever they are, whether that’s in the office, on the road, at a client meeting or at home.

Core’s Managed Desktop solutions allow your teams to be truly mobile, accessing an up-to-date 'full desktop' computer environment, regardless of physical location or device. There’s also a 24/7/365 support team on hand to assist with any issues at any time.

Intranets & Collaborations for Manufacturing

A good collaboration tool can transform how your business works. If you want to improve internal dissemination of information, an intranet could help. Other collaboration systems, like Yammer, can also improve day-to-day communication and efficiency. Collaboration can include your customers too, with the integration of customer portals.

PJ Valves

Core helped PJ Valves improve the efficiency of their operations across the globe.


Core supports Phonak's deployment of Microsoft SharePoint.