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IT Services for Legal & Professional

Professional services firms need to provide clients with a fast and efficient service, have quick and easy access to the documents they need, and ensure legal compliance at all times. Core has a solid track record of helping such firms implement systems to improve internal processes, whilst ensuring an excellent customer experience.

Whether you’re looking to improve the flow of information around your firm, provide employees with more flexible working options or increase efficiency levels when dealing with clients, we offer a host of technology solutions to meet your needs.

Read how our services can help legal and professional services in the section below.

Document Management for Legal

Legal and professional services firms have always had to deal with mountains of paperwork. However, a sophisticated document management system can eliminate risks, help you keep on top of version control, and provide ways for your employees to easily collaborate on projects.

We understand that firms like yours deal with sensitive information, and can help you ensure that colleagues, partners and clients have only the access they need. Sophisticated rights management options can prevent data leaks and “oversharing,” and lock down activities such as copying, printing, and outside distribution.

Intranets & Collaboration for Legal

Many professional services environments have transformed their day-to-day working practices by introducing an internal intranet. As well as providing easy access to data, these systems can improve team communication and encourage your staff to work in a more collaborative way. It’s possible to build an intranet very precisely around the specific way your individual business operates.

Identity & Access Management for Legal

Due to the sensitive work often undertaken by legal and professional services firms, it’s crucial that employees are never given unnecessary access to data they shouldn’t need to see. It’s also paramount that system access is quickly removed from staff when they leave the company.

Core’s Identity and Access Management solution solves both problems. As well as ensuring that staff only have the access they need (subject to compliance with the types of authentication you choose), the system can immediately place the correct restrictions on system access when people move on from the company.

Desktop as a Service for Legal

The days when companies needed to constantly invest in new physical servers, desktops and laptops, and pay someone to constantly tweak and fix them, are long gone. Our managed services offering removes the hassles and distractions. We offer a hosted desktop solution that allows your users to access a fully functional computing environment from their chosen device and chosen location.

Coupled with efficient 24/7/365 support, managed services will allow your firm to concentrate on its key business, free from day-to-day technical stress.

Investors in People

Investors in people have seen a great improvement in the website's traffic thanks to Core's SharePoint solution.

The Press Association

The Press Association counts now on a technologically updated desktop infrastructure thanks to Core's Microsoft Office 365 solution.