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Paul Saer - Sales Manager - Central Goverment

Paul Saer

IT Services for Government

Perhaps more than any other sector, government departments need technology that is reliable, versatile, and secured against an increasing range of cybersecurity threats. Core’s government solutions, CoreGov, are designed to fulfil these requirements, helping departments meet a significant range of compliance responsibilities.

G-Cloud Register

Core has been listed on the G-Cloud register since its conception in February 2012. We have built a reputation as the go-to technology solutions provider for central and local government, as well as the wider public sector. All of Core's listings can be found by searching CoreGov on the Digital Marketplace.

Digital Outcomes and Specialists Framework

Core has been listed on Digital Outcomes and Specialists since its inception in February 2016 as a replacement for Digital Services 2. This highly-beneficial framework reduces the complexity of the procurement process, allowing organisations to invite vendors to bid for work.

Core offers a blended managed service that utilises both public and private-hosted services and managed on-premise solutions. Users benefit from 24/7 support and the freedom to work wherever they want or need, while departments benefit from increased productivity, an engaged workforce, and low, predictable costs.

There are four key elements to the solution: hosting, proactive desktop and device management, secure identity and access management, and expert assistance from a UK-based support service, 24/7/365.

Read how our services can help Government organisations in the section below.

Desktop as a Service for Government

Core’s fully managed desktop service is specifically designed to meet the UK government’s formal requirements. It has achieved pan-government compliance approval up to “Official” level.

From the perspective of your users, the platform is truly mobile, offering an up-to-the-minute full desktop experience from a wide variety of devices. There’s also Core’s UK-based support team on-hand 24/7/365, ensuring rapid assistance is available to all.

Identity & Access Management for Government

Secure access to government systems is an absolute must, as is ensuring levels of access are always appropriate. Core’s cloud-based Aurora system is a leading-edge identity and access management platform that government technology leaders can count on.

Aurora incorporates role-based access control, single sign-on and multi-factor authentication, and is fully customisable. We can incorporate departmental branding, and customise access and workflow to your exact requirements.

Managed Security for Government

Anybody involved with government IT will be acutely aware of the constantly changing threat landscape when it comes to cybersecurity. The fact that mobile and flexible working is now commonplace adds further day-to-day challenges and complexities.

Built specifically with UK government quirks and compliance requirements in mind, Core’s “Security as a Service” package covers all the key areas government departments typically have to think about, including secure Office 365, Mobile Device Management, Cybersecurity, Information and Rights Management, and Data Leakage Protection. The service is intended to reduce the chance of exposure to threats and the related reputational damage.

Managed Networks for Government

With many government departments embarking on transitional projects and moving some or all infrastructure to the cloud, we understand the pressures that your internal staff and internal systems may be under.

Core can offer exactly the right kind of support as your systems evolve, with direct connections available to Microsoft Azure (ExpressRoute) and Amazon Web Services. This provides a useful alternative when direct connections from government departments to these systems are unfeasible or cost-prohibitive.

Our datacentres are compliant to “Official (Sensitive)” level, and we can offer simple, secure connectivity using MPLS or IPSEC VPNs, with speeds up to 160Gbps.