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Natalie Tarrant

IT Service for Insurance & Finance

Long-established legacy systems are still an integral part of the IT infrastructure of many insurance and financial services, and bring with them a key technical dilemma; the risk and cost associated with a full replacement of older systems, versus the lack of agility and flexibility associated with outdated technology.

Core has found a solution to this problem, allowing established organisations in this sector to enjoy the best of both worlds.

Vast amounts of historical data can be fed into more leading-edge IT solutions, so your company and customers can now enjoy all the advantages of modern systems without the need for a costly and risky 'rip and replace' approach to older legacy systems.

Read how our services can help financial and insurance organisations in the section below.

SharePoint Solutions for Finance

If you’re looking for a system that “does it all” and helps to facilitate everything your organisation needs to achieve, Microsoft’s popular and highly refined SharePoint is a perfect solution.

One easily-accessible platform can handle all your document management and compliance needs, and provide fast data retrieval from multiple locations and devices. SharePoint can vastly reduce costs whilst measurably improve operational efficiency.

CNA Hardy

CNA Hardy is a leading specialist commercial insurer which offer a highly specialised and comprehensive portfolio of innovative and market leading products

Riverstone Europe

The RiverStone Group are specialised in insurance, reinsurance and service companies specialising in the management of legacy and run-off businesses and portfolios