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Knowledge Café: Cloud Computing: What are the implications for the future?

Event type: Knowledge Café

The Rubens at the Palace, London

16/04/2015 18:00

Cloud Computing: What are the implications for the future?​

If you send and receive email, share photos or documents from your computer, or do your banking or shopping online, you are using 'Cloud' computing. Hotmail, Skydrive (now OneDrive), iCloud and Dropbox are all examples of cloud computing which we now take for granted.

This is IT consumerisation; allowing an individual or a business can buy their IT the way they might buy any other subscription based product. Now we have the 'Internet of Things', the idea of everyday objects like cars and toasters being connected to everything else. What next?

What are the wider implications for the future?

As well as the many benefits of a more connected world, should we be concerned about a future led by terms such as 'Machine Learning' and 'Artificial Intelligence'.

Further, what is the gap between what we believe and reality?

Core are delighted to announce the support of a Gurteen Community Knowledge Café

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