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UK Launch Event: K2 Appit for SharePoint

Event type: Seminar


09/09/2015 09:30



Following the announcement of the partnership between Core and K2 Appit, we are delighted to be hosting the UK launch event of K2 Appit for SharePoint. 

​If you find yourself looking to migrate from collaboration systems like Lotus Notes or forms tools like InfoPath to the more modern options available with Office 365, there is good news. No matter your motivation for the migration, moving off of Lotus Notes or InfoPath is an opportunity to recognise significant benefits in terms of improved usability, functionality (especially across mobile), and time and cost savings.

With K2 Appit and Core, the UK’s leading Microsoft platform provider, you can easily and effectively build SharePoint forms that give end users the customised information they need to make better business decisions, now and in the future. And, if your business data is spread across multiple disparate systems – as is all too common – we can help you build and run a forms solution that integrates data accessibility across all systems from directly within Microsoft SharePoint.

Join the event to discover how you could start benefitting from K2 Appit, and see how to quickly and simply create workflows and forms in SharePoint.


Microsoft - Cardinal Place
80-100 Victoria Street
London SW1E 5JL 


Collaborative Working; Transforming IT Infrastructure     K2 Workflow; Microsoft Office 365; Microsoft SharePoint